Privacy policy


We do not collect a lot of personal data but with the information collected we always guarantee confidentiality. To carry out our activity, to make an offer, or to send booking confirmations we are forced to send relevant information of our customers to collect, use and store. If we need to arrange flights for our customers, rental car or taxi, we need to share your details with those companys, but only with them. We will never share personal information without valid reason or permission with any other third parties. Like Firstvisit Unipessoal LDA, Algarve, treats your information carefully to ensure that your privacy is guaranteed.

By using our services and our website (, you agree to our terms and conditions and our privacy statement.

If there are any major adjustments to be made to our privacy policy, we will notify you by posting an updated policy on our website. By continuing to use our services, you agree to these changes.

What information do we collect?

  • Name, birthdate, ID-information, address
    We will use your name, date of birth, ID details, address and place of residence to handle your booking request, airline tickets, reserving a rental car or taxi service and registering your stay with the Portuguese government, SEF (serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras).

  • Email address
    We will retain your email address so we can send important messages about your booking request.

  • Phone number
    We will retain your telephone number so that Like Firstvisit Unipessoal LDA, Algarve can be in contact with you reguarding you booking.

  • Cookies
    Cookies can be used on our website ( the date and time of your visit, your IP address, the type of browser you use, the browser language and the screen size of the browser, and one or more more cookies to which the browser can be recognized. This information is not associated with personal data collected elsewhere and is only used to record statistics of the visit to the website. These statistics are intended for evaluating and improving the Like Algarve website.

What do we do with this information?

When you request information via email or phone, you give us permission to consult your details automatically so that we can help you with your questions and/or issues.

All steps have been taken to ensure the safety of the personal data of our customers.

Your personal information will never be sold, rented or distributed to third parties for commercial purposes.

We will keep your data for the duration of your contract with Like Algarve Firstvisit Unipessoal LDA.

After terminating the contract, we archive your data on our servers. This information is stored  for a maximum of 5 years, after that period all personal details are destroyed.

What are your privacy rihts?

Your AVG-privacy rights:

      • The right to data portability. The right to transfer personal data.
      • The right to forgetfulness. The right to be 'forgotten' or 'removed'.
      • Right of access. That is the right of people to see the personal data that you process from them.
      • Right to rectification and supplementation. The right to change the personal data you process.
      • The right to limit the processing: The right to have less data processed when possible.
      • The right with regard to automated decision-making and profiling. In other words: the right to a human look at decisions.
      • The right to object to data processing.

      However, it is important to know that we can no longer guarantee the proper functioning of our services if you wish to remove or restrict access to certain personal information.

      If you have any questions or complaints about the new processing of personal data, please contact us at

      Contact details

      Firstvisit Unipessoal LDA, Lugar das Lameiras CX138-L, 8400-410 Lagoa, Portugal | +351 915 656 554 | VAT-number: PT514 559 543